What I've been up to...

Baby Sloman is 18 months old. Only now am I starting to get back into the swing of things - turns out he didn’t like to sleep at home during the day for the first year!! So that was ….exhausting! With a bit of help I managed to take on a handful of commissions in the last year and a half!

In May 2016, sleep deprived but optimistic, I did an illustration for issue 11 of Noble Rot magazine (if you’re a foodie type I highly recommend this publication!).

Bargain Hunt.jpg


Later in 2016 I illustrated Knock Knock’s Affirmators! Love and Relationships (available now) and earlier this year I worked on Affirmators! At Work (forthcoming).


Alongside this I worked on a couple of private commissions - one for Jack Communications and the other for my sister-in-law’s wedding.

JACK for Amy.jpg
wilson wedding.jpg


And I managed to sell at some Christmas markets too! Here's me with my Dad helping out.



It’s all been a bit of a blur!! Now Baby Sloman is at nursery 2 days a week and I’m getting a bit more time. Further news on other exciting projects/ commissions in the coming weeks!